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All over the world, more and more families are choosing to homeschool their children and will no doubt have already been overwhelmed by the sheer amount of online resources available.

At TeachEm, we aim to keep things simple.

TeachEm is your online directory of educational video content. Whether you're looking for a session to join in with LIVE, or a new favourite YouTube channel to subscribe to, you'll find it on TeachEm.

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TeachEm for Educators

From artists and musicians to scientists and mathematicians, teaching has moved beyond the classroom and people from around the world are now sharing their expertise in a bid to educate others.

Whether you are a YouTuber looking for more subscribers, a teacher looking for more engagement with live-streamed lessons or simply somebody who wants to share their knowledge or expertise, we'd love to welcome you as a TeachEm Contributor.

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"This is a really useful tool, thank you. I find it a bit of a minefield with so much content out there
- an interactive 'What's-on Guide' is just great!"

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